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They want the ILC! #mylinearcollider

IFIC Spanish group in Valencia shares it support to the ILC project

| 26 November 2014

Video: ©2014 IFIC

This week we share with you the message from members of the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (Instituto de Física Corpuscular, IFIC) in Valencia, Spain.

The Linear Collider Collaboration is actively reaching out to its collaborators and supporters to participate in a #mylinearcollider video campaign. The series of short, informal videos is posted on our Youtube channel and will be shared with the relevant committees and organisations in Japan that are overseeing the evaluation process.

Your message really makes difference. Participate in a #mylinearcollider video campaign, and ask your colleagues and friends to join, too!

Details about the campaign and how to participate can be found here.

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