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A kimono for a laboratory

| 8 January 2015

Akira Yamamoto, Asian Director for the ILC in the Linear Collider Collaboration, hands the gift over to Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN. Image: CERN.

The mayor of Ichinoseki city, Osamu Katsube, and the whole city sent a special gift to CERN for its for its 60th birthday, which it celebrated in 2014: a red chanchanko set. It consists of a red vest, hat and folding fan. “‘Kanreki’ is one of the ancient traditions of celebrating longevity. It is held to celebrate the long life and health of someone who has reached a certain age and to pray for their continued health. This age is 60 years,” the mayor explains in the accompanying letter. “We wish CERN further progress with its motto ‘Science for Peace’.”

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