Director's Corner

Directorate on the road

by Lyn Evans

The LCC Directorate is constantly reinforcing its bridges, especially with our Japanese colleagues. At this critical time before the decision whether Japan will offer to host the ILC is taken, they travelled to the designated site to inspect port, roads and discuss with local and national authorities, reports LCC Director Lyn Evans. If the ILC gets built, some real bridges will have to be reinforced so that heavy high-tech can travel from the port to the site.

Live from Japan

A chat with Masataka Miya of the Iwate Government

by Amanda Wayama

Things are moving forward in the year 2015 – technical planning for the ILC is proceeding, and the Japanese national government is preparing to make a decision whether or not to host the project. But what about Iwate, the region home to the Kitakami candidate site? What are their plans for 2015? Masataka Miya, director of ILC Promotion for Iwate, talks to Amanda Wayama, International Communications Officer for the Iwate Prefectural Government, about Iwate’s strategy for the next year.

Around the World

2020 on the horizon

AIDA-2020 proposal selected – 10 million euros of funding for detector R&D

by Barbara Warmbein

Good news for detector developers in Europe: the AIDA-2020 proposal to the European Commission has been selected to be funded as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. This means that future projects needing state-of-the-art particle detectors like the Large Hadron Collider upgrade and the linear collider will receive a total of ten million euros funding over the next four years. Thirty-eight participants from all across Europe take part in AIDA2020, including CERN as coordinating institute, making it the largest European detector R&D project.

Image of the week

Chocolate collision

by Rika Takahashi

The LCC Directorate was given a special treat during one of the stopovers of the Tohoku visit (read also the Director’s corner): ILC korone, a type of chocolate croissant. With chocolate cream on one side (representing electrons) and vanilla cream on the other (representing positrons), and sprinkled with colored chocolate spray as particles, the baker said that they show you new particles at ILC collisions. A delicious example of physics-inspired food… View all photos

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