Director's Corner

Field trip to a model lab

by Akira Yamamoto

A delegation from Kesen-Numa City, from Japan, led by the Mayor Mr. Shigeru Sugawara, visited CERN and the area around it from 18 to 20 May. The group consisted of 16 representatives from the city's Council, the Commercial and Industry Association, the Board of Education, the Reconstruction and Policy Planning Division and many other official bodies. They visited CERN to gather information on how a working laboratory functions and what it needs.

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Crossing technical and cultural borders

EU project E-JADE fosters exchange between European and Japanese researchers

by Barbara Warmbein

Accelerator experts from Europe and Japan have a long history of cooperation for projects such as ATF at the Japanese lab KEK, and of course the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. A new EU-funded project makes sure that cooperation continues with future projects like the high-luminosity LHC, the Future Circular Collider FCC, CLIC, the ILC and many more. The first researcher (from the German lab DESY) has already spent nine weeks in Japan to improve simulations for site-specific machine-detector-interface questions for the ILC.

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Future large colliders in Asia – a personal perspective

by Jie Gao

With the discovery of the Higgs particle at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in July 2012, after more than 50 years of searching, particle physics has finally entered the era of the Higgs, and the door for human beings to understand the unknown part of the Universe is wide open, says Jie Gao from IHEP in Beijing, China.

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Building trust and big machines

by Barbara Warmbein

The Japanese town Kesen-Numa has large expertise in the fishing and port industry, but they have never hosted a major international lab. A delegation recently visited CERN to learn how these labs work, what they need and what benefit they bring to their neighbours.

In the News

  • from GIZMODO Japan
    27 May 2015

    今以上に素粒子物理の研究を進めるにはILCの実現は必須だと研究者たちは言っています。(Scientists said that ILC is indispensable for advancing the particle physics. )

  • from Tokyo Calendar
    26 May 2015

    2020年の東京オリンピックのあと、ネオ・オリンピック事業として、いま注目され始めているのが「国際リニアコライダー計画」である。(The project which is getting recognition as “Neo-olympic” project after 2020 Tokyo Olympic is the International Linear Collider.)

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    23 May 2015

    ILCの心臓部と言われる超電導加速空洞の製造に不可欠な「電解研磨」の大幅なコスト削減に、表面処理加工業のマルイ鍍金(めっき、兵庫県姫路市)の東北工場(八戸市)が挑んでいる。同社は新技術の開発により、研磨コストを少なくとも2分の1、最大で10分の1程度に抑えられるとみている。(Tohoku factory of Marui Galvanizing Co. Ltd. is challenging the significant cost reduction on the electropolishing of the inner surface of the superconducting accelerating cavity for the ILC. They are aiming to reduce the cost with their new technology by half to one tenth. )

  • from nature
    15 May 2015

    Detector teams at the Large Hadron Collider collaborated for a more precise estimate of the size of the Higgs boson.

  • from
    6 May 2015

    国際リニアコライダーの建設が日本のブレイクスルーになる (The construction of the ILC will the break through for Japan)