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Particle scientists are cool!

| 22 September 2016

Momoyo Sugawara (left) and Kotomi Sato (right), junior high-school students from the “ILC club. Image: Nobuko Kobayashi

Junior high school students Kotomi Sato and Momoyo Sugawara, members of the “ILC club,” visited CERN last August with three other students to learn more about life in a big international science laboratory. They were invited to give a short debriefing during a panel discussion at an ILC symposium held on 10 September in Oshu city, where both girls said that they thought particle scientists are ‘cool’!

Sato has always loved science and she is determined to become a researcher at the ILC. Sugawara met many people in Geneva who greeted her in Japanese, and she felt very happy about it. “I want to study English harder,” she said, “to make foreign people comfortable if the ILC is being built in my neighbourhood.”

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