Director's Corner

Towards the realization of the International Linear Collider, an update

by Lyn Evans

The 2018 Asian Linear Collider Workshop (ALCW2018) is being held in Fukuoka, Japan from 28 May to 1 June. At the meeting a statement was unanimously endorsed stressing the scientific importance of the ILC and urging the Japanese government to declare interest in hosting the project. A decision is now urgent because the European Strategy Group, which supported European participation in the ILC in the last update in 2013, needs input by the end of 2018 if the Project is to be integrated into their report. The Fukuoka declaration follows.


New CALICE calorimeter sees beam

by Barbara Warmbein

Particle physics will always need calorimeters, so particle physicists are always trying to optimise, tweak and update their calorimeter systems for the best possible measurements. The CALICE collaboration plays a leading role in this, and their most recent prototype for a hadronic calorimeter has just been completed and is now at CERN for a round of tests in the test beam.


From CERN Courier: High-gradient X-band technology: from TeV colliders to light sources and more

Things that start out in fundamental research quite regularly find their way into fields other than high energy physics. Take the Compact Linear Collider study CLIC, for example. CLIC's unique requirements have led to the development of a new high-gradient "X-band" acceleration technology that is attracting the interest of researchers working at light sources, in the medical sector and even art museums.

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    19 April 2018

    Niobium–copper accelerating cavities, once the pinnacle of radio-frequency technology at CERN, are back in business and beginning to challenge the performance of their bulk-niobium counterparts.

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    17 April 2018

    ILC Supporters (ILC サポーターズ)事務局・岩手日報社(本社:岩手県盛岡市、代表取締役社長:東根 千万億)は、宇宙誕生の瞬間を再現する超大型加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」の日本への誘致活動の一環として、映画監督・押井守さんが発起した応援団「ILC Supporters」を結成

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    Deeltjesfysici smeden plannen voor nieuwe versnellers