Director's Corner

Final countdown to the decision-making process

by Lyn Evans

The decision-making process of hosting the International Linear Collider in Japan is now approaching a critical point. Director Lyn Evans hopes that the project is included in the “Japanese Master Plan of Large Research Projects.”


Registration for LCWS2019 open!

by Rika Takahashi

This year, an internationally hosted workshop - the International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders (LCWS 2019) - will be held in Sendai, Japan, from 28 October to1 November at the Sendai International Center. Register now!

Around the World

Tohoku leaders hand request letters to Japanese government to invite the ILC

by Rika Takahashi

Four organizations urge the Japanese government to express an intention to host the ILC. "I’d like to firmly accept your request," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga when Tohoku leaders handed over request letters.

Around the World

RPCs in the wild

Detector technology help in the most extensive study of the structure and behaviour of a volcano

by Barbara Warmbein

Technology developed under the AIDA-2020 project is sure to make the most out of collisions at future colliders. But did you know it might also be able to save lives? One detector made of resistive plate chamber technology improved under AIDA-2020 is set to take up residence at the side of a volcano in autumn to measure its inner structure using cosmic muons. The technology is called muography.

In the News

  • from Iwate Nippo
    26 June 2019

    奥州市は「外国人のための生活支援ガイドブック」を発行した。外国人が戸惑いやすい交通ルールなど生活に関わる情報を紹介する。ILC誘致への期待も高まる。易しい日本語を含む8言語版をそろえ、同市での快適な暮らしに役立ててもらう。(Oshu City has issued a “Life Support Guidebook for Foreigners”. Introduce information related to daily life such as traffic rules that foreigners are easily confused. The expectation for attracting ILC has increased. Available in 8 language versions, including easy Japanese, to help you make a comfortable living in the city.)

    20 June 2019

    The Kitakami Mountains run through Ichinoseki, with a single peak, that of Mount Murone, dominating the skyline. The name might sound familiar, and that’s because this mountain overlooks the ILC candidate site, providing an excellent visual of where the ILC would run.

  • from Scientific American
    17 June 2019

    The FCC study complements previous design studies for linear colliders in Europe (CLIC) and Japan (ILC), while China also has similar plans for a large-scale circular collider (CEPC).

  • from Iwate Nippo
    13 June 2019

    On June 12th, the Tohoku ILC Promotion Council, the Hokkaido/Tohoku Governors’ Association, the Hokkaido/Tohoku Prefectural Assembly Chairpersons’ Association, and the Tohoku Mayors’ Association visited with the Liberal Democratic Party (Japan’s ruling political party) to urge them to make their intentions known on the ILC as quickly as possible.

  • from PHYS.ORG
    13 June 2019

    Moreover, he co-led the design of the Silicon Detector, one of two designs under consideration for the future International Linear Collider.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    12 June 2019

    On June 11th, the Association of Iwate Prefecture and Iwate Mayors (Chair: Mayor of Morioka Hiroaki Tanifuji) visited with various national government organizations to urge their support of the reconstruction from the 2011 disaster and the realization of the ILC Project.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    12 June 2019

    The Iwate Prefectural Government will be holding a research contest for Iwate high school students on October 26th, where students will be conducting their own research into physics, chemistry, and other sciences. The first place team will be invited on a research trip to CERN in Switzerland.

  • from Asahi Shimbun
    9 June 2019


  • from QUALIZY
    8 June 2019

    Higgs-kun is an anthropomorphic Higgs Boson particle who teaches schoolchildren about the International Linear Collider (while advocating that the site be built in northeast Japan’s Iwate prefecture).

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    6 June 2019


  • from Iwate Nippo
    5 June 2019

    On June 4th, nine organizations from southern Iwate and northern Miyagi prefectures visited with four members of the Liberal Democratic Party (Japan’s ruling party), including Hon. Takeo Kawamura who also serves as the chair of the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC. There, they petition the LDP to ensure that the national government would host the ILC.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    3 June 2019

    Plans are in the works to upgrade the Office of ILC Promotion plans to the status of Bureau*. The plans are to upgrade the office this fiscal year, and double its workforce from the 13 staff it has currently. This will boost their preparations for the ILC project as the national government moves to make a decision whether or not to host the project.

  • from Nature
    6 May 2019