ICFA and the ILC’s International Development Team

| 25 September 2020


Organisational chart for the ILC International Development Team.

Until the end of its mandate in June 2020 the Linear Collider Board (LCB) had been operating under the auspices of ICFA to study options for a future linear collider. To build upon the work of the LCB, ICFA has taken a major step to focus on requirements to establish an ILC “Pre-Lab” in Japan by setting up the International Development Team. This team has the mandate to pave the way for an organisation that would be the precursor to an official ILC laboratory.

In recent years, momentum has been building for Japan to host the ILC, with the support of international funding agencies and laboratories. High-level discussions have taken place between the US and Japan. There has also been government level discussion between European nations and Japan.

Furthermore, the recently released 2020 Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics clearly stated the priority to focus on the high-luminosity (HL) LHC in the coming years whilst in the longer term nominating the development of a 100-kilometre circular collider, the FCC, as its key future facility. Importantly however, the update also stated, “the timely realisation of the electron-positron International Linear Collider (ILC) in Japan would be compatible with this strategy and, in that case, the European particle physics community would wish to collaborate.”

The operation of CERN’s HL-LHC in parallel with the ILC would present a uniquely powerful infrastructure for studying the Higgs boson and beyond. The international community is working towards a timely realisation of the ILC.

Additionally, in its upcoming “Snowmass” process, the USA will give serious consideration to support developments required for the ILC.

With the encouragement these developments present, ICFA has moved to bring a clear focus to the essential next step on the path to making the ILC a reality.

ICFA recognised the imperative to develop a framework to facilitate transition to an ILC “preparatory phase” and has undertaken to establish of an international development team (IDT) to develop plans for an ILC Pre-Lab as a precursor to the construction of the ILC in Japan. The IDT has a mandate to complete its programme of work by the end of 2021.

The Team members:

  • Tatsuya Nakada (EPFL), Chair–Executive Board and Working Group 1
  • Steinar Stapnes (CERN), Regional Representative–Europe
  • Andy Lankford (University of California, Irvine), Regional Representative–Americas
  • Geoffrey Taylor (University of Melbourne), Regional Representative–Asia-Pacific
  • Shinichiro Michizono (KEK), Chair–Working Group 2
  • Hitoshi Murayama (University California Berkeley/ IPMU-University of Tokyo), Chair–Working Group 3
  • Yasuhiro Okada (KEK), KEK Liaison

Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor (University of Melbourne) is the Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific in the ILC International Development Team.
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