Director's Corner

Snowmass is rebooting

by Andy Lankford

Now is the time to get involved in the strategic process that determines the future of particle physics in the US: Snowmass. “Have your say in the future of the field”, writes Andy Lankford, for example by contributing to the white paper or attending the central meeting. It is an opportunity to show the breadth of scientific possibilities the ILC has in store.

Around the World

ILC-Japan: rebuilding trust and support for the ILC

by Rika Takahashi

ILC-Japan, a new promoting body for the International Linear Collider project, was launched this spring. ILC NewsLine interviewed Shoji Asai, chair of ILC-Japan, to learn more about it.


Thinking outside the tunnel

by Barbara Warmbein

Hitoshi Murayama likes crazy ideas. Especially when they are exactly the right amount of crazy to just possibly be turned into a reality. He asked the wider community to present exactly those kinds of ideas for the recent ILCX meeting – here’s an overview of what was discussed.

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