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Sakue Yamada received Japanese Order of Merit

Yamada’s message for the ILC videotaped for #mylinearcollider campaign, in which scientists around the world expressed their support for the ILC project

On 3 November, the Japanese government announced the recipients of the Autumn Conferment of Decoration, and Sakue Yamada, Professor Emeritus of KEK, Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo, and former Research Director for Global Design Effort for the ILC, received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette in the 2022 Fall Decoration.

The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette is one of the Japanese orders of merit. It is given to individuals who have performed duties that are recognised as important and have achieved high performance, based on an evaluation of the complexity, difficulty, and level of responsibility of their public duties. Yamada received the Order for distinguished service in the field of education and research.

Congratulations, Sakue!

Prof. Sakue Yamada

After graduating in physics from the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Prof. Masatoshi Koshiba, Nobel laureate in physics in 2002, Yamada mainly worked in particle physics research in collaborations at DESY using its colliders DORIS, PETRA and HERA, as well as LEP at CERN during the detector design period. Yamada acted as Director of Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies (IPNS) of KEK from 1997 to 2003. As the first IPNS Director, he played a leading role in achieving world-class results in the proton synchrotron and international joint-use experiments at KEKB, as well as in fostering young researchers by establishing the Department of Particle and Nuclear Science at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI). He also played a significant role in ILC activities as the Research Director from 2007, completing the Technical Design Report in 2012 together with the then GDE Director, Barry Barish.

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  • John Hauptman says:

    Dear Sakue Yamada,

    congratulations on your Order of Merit award. It is happy for a long-time observer to see you thrive and receive awards that recognize what you have done. Of course, I only saw a narrow slice of time, but I remember you as a true gentleman, decent and intelligent, without whom physics could not proceed.

    my best wishes and regards,
    John Hauptman

  • Ron Settles says:

    Dear Sakue,
    Best wishes, Ron