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Today’s technology in 18th-century framework

10 March 2011 The TESLA Technology Collaboration Meeting was held from 28 February to 3 March, hosted by the University of Milan and INFN Sezione di Milano. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: , , , , ,

LHC back after winter break

24 February 2011 The operators of the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN switched their machine back on last weekend. First low-energy beams circulated on Sunday morning, and the team is now working on a series of tests for various systems of the accelerator before they can send high-energy beams into collision in the detectors.

TPC in the right light

17 February 2011 The test beam season is about to start and the prototype of the ILD time projection chamber is being prepared for a round of new tests in the DESY testbeam facility - captured here by a professional photographer. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: , ,

Toy model

10 February 2011 Image: KEKAnother toy for particle physicists to play with: BELLE-II-detector model made of... LEGO! This work of University of Tokyo students is exhibited in Tokyo till 25 March, at the exhibition hall of the MEXT, KEK's funding agency.

Chinese new year

3 February 2011 Today, China celebrates the first day of the year of the rabbit. 春节快乐!(Happy spring festival!)

FALC meets at SLAC

27 January 2011 Sculpting the future: the members of the Funding Agencies for Large Colliders, or FALC, took a break from their discussions about the next-generation linear collider at SLAC last Saturday to gather around a work of art for a group picture. Read more about their meeting in SLAC Today. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: ,

SLAC’s new associate lab director

20 January 2011 SLAC's new Director of the Accelerator Directorate Norbert Holtkamp (2nd from left) meets with GDE Project Managers Nick Walker, Marc Ross and Akira Yamamoto on a sunny afternoon in Palo Alto, California. Holtkamp welcomed GDE members to SLAC at their second Baseline Assessment Workshop on Tuesday. Category: Image of the week | Tagged:

Winter wonder lab

13 January 2011 It's been a snowy winter in the Chicago, Illinois area. A Fermilab cooling pond has begun icing over. Wilson Hall stands in the background. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: