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21 December 2018 | Download PDF
  • Feature: Executive Summary of the Science Council of Japan's Report
  • Feature: From KEK: Regarding the “Assessment of the revised International Linear Collider Project”
  • Director's Update: Clarifications on the report from the Science Council of Japan regarding the ILC
  • Feature: Message from politicians in response to Science Council of Japan’s final report
4 October 2018 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Getting lots of heads round the test beam data
  • Director's Corner: LCWS2018: preparing for ILC realisation
  • Around the World: The ILC Supporters – celebrities for the linear collider
  • Feature: Nobel laureates speak for the ILC
31 May 2018 | Download PDF
  • Feature: New CALICE calorimeter sees beam
  • Feature: From CERN Courier: High-gradient X-band technology: from TeV colliders to light sources and more
  • Director's Corner: Towards the realization of the International Linear Collider, an update
5 April 2018 | Download PDF
  • Around the World: Detector experts meet in Ichinoseki
  • Around the World: LINE sticker “Kawaii Particle Physics” in store soon!!
  • Director's Corner: The ILC at 250 GeV: an overview of options
1 March 2018 | Download PDF
  • Video of the week: Endorsing the ILC "in the strongest way"
  • Director's Corner: ILC250 Higgs factory: ready for launch!
  • Around the World: Mark Thomson to lead STFC
  • Feature: 2018, a milestone year for Higgs factories in Asia
1 February 2018 | Download PDF
  • Director's Corner: Preparing for the update
  • Feature: The CLIC annual workshop highlights technology maturity and increased use ahead of the European Strategy update
  • Around the World: From SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: Superconducting X-Ray Laser Takes Shape in Silicon Valley