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24 January 2013

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to sign the Detailed Baseline Design (DBD) report of the ILC detectors, which now exists as a nearly final draft. It summarises the R&D achievements of the ILC Letter-of-Intent period. The contents reflect the many contributions of very many collaborators. The draft is now open to the community under this address.

While this draft is undergoing minor revision following the recent review by the International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG) and the ILC Project Advisory Committee, it is almost in the final form.

A list of signatories will be included in the report. We wish to include those who contributed already in any way or who wish to join the activity in the next stage. We also would like to include names of anyone who supports advancing further the world ILC effort. We invite you, as an interested physicist, to review the draft and to add your name as a signatory.

Please note that signing the DBD does not indicate any formal commitment by you. It does not indicate commitment to the specific detector designs presented, nor exclusive support for ILC over other collider programmes.

Please sign as soon as possible, and definitely before the end of January.

After the final editing, the DBD will serve as one of the volumes of the ILC Technical Design Report (TDR). The combined accelerator/physics/detector signatory list will appear in each volume.

The DBD editing group
(Ties Behnke, James Brau, Phillip Burrows, Juan Fuster, Michael Peskin, Marcel Stanitzki, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Sakue Yamada, Hitoshi Yamamoto)

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