From CERN: New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson

Geneva, 14 March 2013. At the Moriond Conference today, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at CERN1’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) presented preliminary new results that further elucidate the particle discovered last year. Having analysed two and a half times more data than was available for the discovery announcement in July, they find that the new particle is looking more and more like a Higgs boson, the particle linked to the mechanism that gives mass to elementary particles. It remains an open question, however, whether this is the Higgs boson of the Standard Model of particle physics, or possibly the lightest of several bosons predicted in some theories that go beyond the Standard Model. Finding the answer to this question will take time.


Final focus

by Daisy Yuhas

What makes the ILC beams far smaller than a human hair? A series of magnets referred to as the ‘final focus,’ designed to maximise chances of collision at the heart of the ILC detectors.

Director's Corner

Forming a united front of the LC physics and detector community

by Hitoshi Yamamoto

Recently appointed Associate Director for Physics & Detectors in the new Linear Collider structure, Hitoshi Yamoto discusses his mandate and solicits inputs from the linear collider community.

Image of the week

Japanese diet members focus on ATF2

by Rika Takahashi

Twelve members of the Japanese Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of the ILC visited KEK on 4 and 18 March. They spent the longest time at ATF, KEK's test facility for the linear collider. They also toured KEKB, Belle, and the Photon Factory.

In the News

  • from Libération
    21 March 2013

    Il faut toutefois souligner, note François Bouchet, que l’inflation repose sur un concept physique de champ scalaire… identique à celui du champs de Higgs. Jusqu’à la découverte de ce dernier, un tel champ demeurait un objet théorique, or, les physiciens disposent désormais d’une réalité expérimentale avec le boson de Higgs.

  • from Scienze Fanpage
    21 Mars 2013

    “Un’attenta analisi condotta sia a livello teorico che sui dati presenti e futuri di LHC e di Planck potrà dirci se l’artefice delle dimensioni e dell’età dell’odierno Universo (cioè la particella, ‘inflatone’, che ha prodotto l’inflazione) possa essere identificabile con quella particella, il bosone di Higgs, che ha fornito la massa delle particelle presenti nel plasma primordiale”, prosegue Masiero.

  • from Iwate Nippo
    19 March 2013

    県商工会議所連合会と県国際リニアコライダー(ILC)推進協議会は18日、復興庁を訪れ、一日も早い復興への取り組みとILCの東北誘致を要望した。The local Chamber of Commerce and Industry members and ILC promotion association of Iwate prefecture visited the Minister of the Reconstruction Agency on 18 March, asking for making efforts toward earliest possible recovery and invitation of the ILC to Tohoku area)

  • from Saga Shimbun
    15 March 2013

    宇宙の謎に迫る素粒子物理学の次世代加速器「国際リニアコライダー(ILC)」構想で、脊振山地への誘致を目指す動きが活発化している。(The activities to invite the ILC to Sefuri mountain is picking up the momentum)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    14 March 2013

    国際リニアコライダー(ILC)の北上山地(北上高地)への誘致に向けた県議会国際リニアコライダー東北誘致議員連盟を設立した。議員連盟には議員全員が参加。東北各県や国に対して東北誘致に向けた協力を要請し、誘致実現を目指す。(Iwate prefectural assembly established the federation of local assembly members to invite ILC to Kitakami mountain. All the assembly member participated in the federation, and will make presentation to the government)

  • from Iwate Nippo
    13 March 2013

    県は超大型加速器・国際リニアコライダー(ILC)の北上山地(北上高地)への誘致に向けて、本県と宮城県との連携をさらに強化するため、両県の課長級で構成する事務レベル会議「岩手・宮城ILC推進部会」を設置、14日に初会合を開くことを明らかにした。(Iwate prefecture will set up the ILC promotional body with Miyagi prefecture toward the invitation of the ILC to Kitakami mountain)

  • from symmetry magazine
    11 March 2013

    In a display of timing worthy of a blockbuster movie, a multinational team of accelerator physicists focused a beam of electrons down to the tiny size needed for a future linear collider the same week that the linear collider board formed.

  • from RKB News
    13 March 2013

    ILC=国際リニアコライダーの誘致活動を強化しようと福岡県はきょう、プロジェクトチームを発足させました。(Fukuoka prefecture established the project team to strengthen the effort to invite the ILC)

  • from Kahoku Shinpo
    3 March 2013

    達増知事は復興の象徴に国際リニアコライダー(ILC)誘致を挙げ「岩手にとって『開国』と言えるほどの国際化になる」と話した。(Iwate prefecture’s governor, Tasso said “ILC will have an effect in similar degree to the opening up the country for Iwate prefecture.