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Next generation records #mylinearcollider videos

25 November 2015

At the 9th International Accelerator School for Linear Colldier, many young scientists joined the #mylinearcollider campaign – video messages from all over the world from people who wish to participate in the project. We have prepared a new playlist of messages from young scientists, #nextgeneration, on YouTube. Have a look at what the next generation has to say!

Yasuhiro Fuwa from Kyoto University, Japan, said the school was very informative and valuable, and would like to take part in the development and construction of the klystron system using the experience and knowledge gained at the school. His message is “Let’s work together to successfully realise the ILC!”

Teodora Jelisawcic, a 13-year-old school student from Serbia, said, “I think building of the ILC is important. It is a powerful tool to explore our nature, because we don’t understand most of it.”

Elena Vasilica GaftonKatie Malone, a PhD student at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania, said, “Here at the school, we learned more about the physics behind the ILC. So, don’t kill our dream, please!”

Now is the time to really show our ambition to realise the International Linear Collider. The LC communication team is producing a collection of #mylinearcollider video messages from all over the world to support the ILC. Please join the team and give the ILC project a final push! Contact the communicators to find out more.

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