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14 April 2016

If you’ve ever taken the metro in Tokyo you know that it can be an adventure with earwormy jingles for every station and wonderfully colourful advertising in the cars. The cars of four lines of Tokyo Toei Subway currently display a very special ad featuring the ILC.

It’s an ad placed by Iwate Prefecture to highlight the past, current and future attractions of the prefecture. It says “Iwate prefecture, home of culture and science” and introduces the world heritage sites Hiraizumi, Hashino Iron Mining and Smelting Site and the ILC. Tokyo Toei Subway had offered ad space for the fifth anniversary of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami.

So when does particle physics take over the London underground, the Paris metro or the New York subway?

Thanks to Rey.Hori for spotting this in Toei Mita Line.

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