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The new phase on track

| 17 January 2008 Last October we started a new phase in planning the ILC experimental programme after many years of coordination through the World Wide Study. Following a few months of discussion, we are now ready to put the new phase on track. Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: , ,

Where are we now

| 21 November 2007 It has been several weeks since I last wrote for ILC NewsLine, right after becoming the research director. Since then, I had many occasions to talk with more people. Each meeting or telephone conversation was fresh to me. Through these discussions, I realised that some of the given charges are more urgent or fundamental, while the main task does not change.

A novel challenge

| 4 October 2007 The invitation to become the newly created research director for the International Linear Collider detector design was a surprise. I have always been aware that an electron positron collider is a powerful tool for particle physics. I started my career in high energy physics in this field, and I enjoyed many exciting years. I also participated in various discussions about a future linear collider project. But that was a long time ago. In recent years, I watched from the sidelines and followed the international efforts organised to design a linear collider under the leadership of the Global Design Effort. After discussions with the ILC Steering Committee and several key physicists, I learned how far things have developed and why they introduced a Research Director.