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Ready to take the next step

| 27 July 2021 The ILD detector is one of two detector proposals at the ILC, that take turns in taking collision data and look for exciting insights through precision studies of the Higgs, heavy flavor physics and searches for new physics. ILD has just undergone a thorough five-year concept revisit and development and is now even better and more ready for the next step than before, its international team of designers says.

From CERN Courier: ILC: beyond the Higgs

, and | 26 February 2021 The high-luminosity, polarised beams of the proposed International Linear Collider and the triggerless operation of its detectors offer rich physics opportunities beyond its Higgs-factory programme.

A tribute to Koshiba-sensei 

| 24 December 2020 Sachio Komamiya, former chair of Linear Collider Board and professor at Waseda University in Japan, pays tribute to his teacher and mentor Masatoshi Koshiba, Nobel laureate and strong advocate of the ILC, who died in November at the age of 94.

A tribute to Nobel laureate Masatoshi Koshiba, 1926-2020

| 24 December 2020 Sakue Yamada, former Research Director at Global Design Effort, looks back on his days with the late Masatoshi Koshiba, who started the e+e- collider physics effort in Japan.

ICFA and the ILC’s International Development Team

| 25 September 2020 Geoffrey Taylor, the current chair of the International Committee for Future Accelerators ICFA, explains why ICFA has set up the International Development Team (IDT) and what it will do. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , ,

ICFA Press Release: ICFA appoints members for the ILC International Development Team

25 September 2020 The International Committee for Future Accelerators announced the structure and the team members of the ILC International Development Team, to make the project one step forward. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , , , ,

“We are committed to making the ILC a success” LCWS participants publish “Sendai Statement” in support of the International Linear Collider

1 November 2019 Scientists gathering in Sendai, Japan, for a scientific conference about a possible future particle physics project in Japan reconfirm the scientific importance of the ILC and express their commitment to make the ILC a success.

From CERN: CLIC collaboration considers collider’s unique potential

| 14 March 2019 The annual workshop of the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) attracted more than 200 participants to CERN between 21 and 25 January. The annual workshop summarised the work done in 2018, including the completion of a project implementation plan. "The CLIC project offers a cost-effective and innovative technology and is ready to proceed towards construction with a Technical Design Report. Following the technology-driven timeline CLIC would realise electron-positron collisions at 380 GeV as soon as 2035," Steinar Stapnes, CLIC project leader, said. Read the full report. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

Executive Summary of the Science Council of Japan’s Report

21 December 2018 This is a translation of the executive summary of the Science Council of Japan's report, released on 19 December 2018. The translation was not issued by SCJ but was done by researchers in Japan. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , , ,

From KEK: Regarding the “Assessment of the revised International Linear Collider Project”

21 December 2018 In this Statement issued by KEK in response to the SCJ report, the Japanese research organization asks the Japanese government to act on the ILC and start an international dialogue. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , , ,
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