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We need to talk: ILD checks performance at other Higgs factory proposals than ILC

| 17 November 2022 One thing is pretty certain: the next big machine in particle physics is most likely going to be an electron-positron “Higgs factory” collider. What is not so certain is which of the different collider options currently being considered will be realised. The ILD collaboration, creator of one of the two detector concepts for the International Linear Collider (ILC), is now checking how ILD would perform at different colliders than ILC, and is deepening collaborations with these collider concepts. ILD released its strategy in September. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , , ,

Quantum Diaries: Special Edition for Higgs@10

4 July 2022 Daniel Jeans, a particle physicist based at KEK and active blogger, looks back on what it was like witnessing the discovery as a young researcher.

IUPAP Statement on the events occurring in Ukraine

| 22 March 2022 The International Development Team shares the statement about the current tragic war situation in Ukraine made by the IUPAP Executive Council, to which IDT is connected. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

SiD reinvents itself

| 8 February 2022 There are thought exercises that end in the head or on paper and there are those that lead to change. A group of scientists working on the SiD detector, one of the two particle detectors proposed for the International Linear Collider ILC, have just turned one of those exercises into a major technological overhaul for their detector. Here’s an overview of what will be different if the green light to build the ILC comes.

Thinking outside the tunnel

| 26 November 2021 Hitoshi Murayama likes crazy ideas. Especially when they are exactly the right amount of crazy to just possibly be turned into a reality. He asked the wider community to present exactly those kinds of ideas for the recent ILCX meeting – here’s an overview of what was discussed.

Ready to take the next step

| 27 July 2021 The ILD detector is one of two detector proposals at the ILC, that take turns in taking collision data and look for exciting insights through precision studies of the Higgs, heavy flavor physics and searches for new physics. ILD has just undergone a thorough five-year concept revisit and development and is now even better and more ready for the next step than before, its international team of designers says.

From CERN Courier: ILC: beyond the Higgs

, and | 26 February 2021 The high-luminosity, polarised beams of the proposed International Linear Collider and the triggerless operation of its detectors offer rich physics opportunities beyond its Higgs-factory programme.

A tribute to Koshiba-sensei 

| 24 December 2020 Sachio Komamiya, former chair of Linear Collider Board and professor at Waseda University in Japan, pays tribute to his teacher and mentor Masatoshi Koshiba, Nobel laureate and strong advocate of the ILC, who died in November at the age of 94.

A tribute to Nobel laureate Masatoshi Koshiba, 1926-2020

| 24 December 2020 Sakue Yamada, former Research Director at Global Design Effort, looks back on his days with the late Masatoshi Koshiba, who started the e+e- collider physics effort in Japan.

ICFA and the ILC’s International Development Team

| 25 September 2020 Geoffrey Taylor, the current chair of the International Committee for Future Accelerators ICFA, explains why ICFA has set up the International Development Team (IDT) and what it will do. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , ,