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François Richard, co–chair of the Worldwide Study and regional detector contact for Europe

A linear collider workshop at CERN

| 16 September 2010 The linear collider community will meet at CERN from 18 October to 22 October. This workshop deals with all aspects of our future project Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,

AIDA trumpets

| 20 May 2010 AIDA is an acronym for the contract recently approved by European Union in favour of detector R&D for particle physics. It means Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators. I suspect that this acronym, inspired by the famous opera from Verdi, can be viewed as reflecting the large number of participants involved in this ambitious Opera(tion). Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: , , ,

Preparing future detector R&D at testbeams

| 19 November 2009 Testbeams are the first occasion for detector concepts to face the truth about their design, and an optimal opportunity to train young physicist on real data. Recently, 40 experts met at Orsay to review the needs for testbeams for the R&D on detectors in the future. Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,

CLIC-ILC collaborations on detectors

| 21 May 2009 The recent meeting TILC09 in Tsukuba, with a large participation of CERN experts, was a good opportunity to measure the growing collaboration between the Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) and the ILC. Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,

What becomes of the WWS?

| 18 September 2008 ...For an up-to-date description of the Research Directorate see the new Physics and Detectors web page... ecall that the starting point has been the World Wide Study, WWS, organised in 1998 ... Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,