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What becomes of the WWS?

| 18 September 2008 ...For an up-to-date description of the Research Directorate see the new Physics and Detectors web page... ecall that the starting point has been the World Wide Study, WWS, organised in 1998 ... Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,

International Review Panel Looks at ILC Detectors

| 22 February 2007 The experiments will be the centre piece of the future ILC, and all the physics will revolve around them. They are being developed by sub-detector R&D and test-beam studies. The Worldwide Study (WWS) formed the Detector R&D Panel, headed by Chris Damerell, to review the activities and list missing topics. The panel has now started to hold regular reviews of the R&D projects. A dedicated committee will be formed for each sub-detector review, including external consultants, local experts, regional representatives and members of the panel. During the last ILC meeting in Beijing in February 2007, it reviewed the detector tracking systems. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

3 August 2005

| The Worldwide Study of the Physics and Detectors for Future e+e- Linear Colliders has played a key role in organizing the global efforts on physics and detectors for the ILC. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,