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Getting lots of heads round the test beam data

| 4 October 2018 Here is how to tackle what would normally take a couple of months in a couple of weeks. A group of students and experts from the CALICE Collaboration recently spent three weeks tucked away at the University of Tokyo to get their heads round and analyse all the data taken at the most recent testbeam of the CALICE calorimeter setup. They emerged with new ideas and lots of knowledge in their heads. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

Preparing future detector R&D at testbeams

| 19 November 2009 Testbeams are the first occasion for detector concepts to face the truth about their design, and an optimal opportunity to train young physicist on real data. Recently, 40 experts met at Orsay to review the needs for testbeams for the R&D on detectors in the future. Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: ,

Finding the nano-size beam

26 January 2006 The International Linear Collider (ILC) interaction region beam sizes and component position stability requirements will be as small as a few nanometers. Making a head-on collision with a few nanometers beams, each beam travelling across some 20 km in the linear accelerator, is a bit like colliding two baseballs -- one thrown from earth and the other from Saturn! It is important for the ongoing ILC design effort to demonstrate that these tolerances can be achieved -- ideally using a beam-based stability measurement. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,