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Global community meets virtually for AWLC2020

and | 24 December 2020 The global community gathered virtually for the Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders (AWLC2020). More than 500 attendees registered for the programme of talks and discussions on the status of the project. Here's a summary of the highlights.

Perspective: Early-career scientists weigh in on the ILC project

24 December 2020 For the early-career physicists, the ILC may be the only new energy frontier accelerator in which they take a leadership role. See their enthusiasm and concern about the project.

Americas Workshop on Linear Collider Planned for October

| 25 September 2020 The first virtual Linear Collider Workshop will be held in October. A rich programme responding to and preparing for recent developments will hopefully draw many interested national and international participants, says an organiser. The workshop will work to build the Americas community engaged in the ILC and to motivate ILC contributions to Snowmass 2021. Register now! Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

KEK publishes the International Working Group’s Recommendations for International Linear Collider

| 1 November 2019 KEK published a document on the recommendations for the ILC, a next-generation particle physics project, based on the report by the International Working Group on the ILC.

Japanese government delegation visits Germany and France

, and | 1 November 2019 On 1 and 2 July, a high-level delegation of the Japanese government led by Diet Members and MEXT officials visited Germany and France to show the current status of the ILC project and convey the governmental will to go ahead with the evaluation process towards a final decision. Discussions, which took place at German and French Ministry level, highlighted that the ILC process in Japan is progressing steadily and is considered as a major investment for the future of physics.

Tohoku leaders hand request letters to Japanese government to invite the ILC

| 27 June 2019 Four organizations urge the Japanese government to express an intention to host the ILC. "I’d like to firmly accept your request," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga when Tohoku leaders handed over request letters. Category: Around the World | Tagged:

RPCs in the wild

| 27 June 2019 Technology developed under the AIDA-2020 project is sure to make the most out of collisions at future colliders. But did you know it might also be able to save lives? One detector made of resistive plate chamber technology improved under AIDA-2020 is set to take up residence at the side of a volcano in autumn to measure its inner structure using cosmic muons. The technology is called muography. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , ,

ILC International Working Group Established — First Meeting Held in Granada

30 May 2019 At the Linear Collider Board meeting held on 7 March at The University of Tokyo, the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan presented its views concerning the ILC project. During the presentation, MEXT expressed anticipation for establishing an International Working Group, to be led by KEK, in order to advance the discussions by domestic and international communities of researchers on issues such as international cost sharing Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

STF-2 Beam Operation Demonstrates ILC Specifications

30 May 2019 KEK’s Superconducting RF Test Facility (STF) operated the first beams during February and March 2019 and demonstrated results that satisfy the specifications for the International Linear Collider (ILC). Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

From CERN: In Granada, the European particle physics community prepares decisions for the future of the field

10 May 2019 The European particle physics community is meeting this week in Granada, Spain, to discuss the roadmap for the future of the discipline.