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Sakue Yamada received Japanese Order of Merit

Congratulations to Sakue Yamada, the ILC's former Research Director, who was decorated by the Japanese government for outstanding achievement in scientific research. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

U.S. Particle Physicists Meet in Seattle for the Snowmass Community Summer Study

| With 700 in-person attendees, the U.S. particle physics community discussed science questions and opportunities for its future at the University of Washington in Seattle during its Snowmass Community Summer Study. As the priority for the intermediate term, the vision for the future of the Energy Frontier calls for the fastest path towards a “Higgs factory” as a global partnership, and discussion recognized the ILC as the most technically-ready future Higgs factory candidate.

From KEK: Next step toward the ILC realization: MEXT expert panel publishes recommendations

22 March 2022 In response to the recommendation issued by Japan’s ILC Advisory Panel which examines the ILC project for MEXT, KEK issued a statement about what steps they will take toward the realisation of the ILC. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

Interactions between science and comedy

| 8 February 2022 Public support plays a major role in carrying out big scientific projects such as the International Linear Collider. The ILC International Development Team is taking a fun approach to getting the Japanese people to get in touch with the ILC :a YouTube livestreaming series of talk shows with comedian Fukumaru Katsura.

ILC-Japan: rebuilding trust and support for the ILC

| 26 November 2021 ILC-Japan, a new promoting body for the International Linear Collider project, was launched this spring. ILC NewsLine interviewed Shoji Asai, chair of ILC-Japan, to learn more about it.

Accelerating around the globe: big logistics experiment kicks off with Pre-lab phase

| 1 June 2021 The devil is in the detail. If a particle physics experiment doesn’t work, it’s often the low-tech components that cause trouble, not the high-tech ones, because the high-tech ones have been tested to the core. To avoid teething and logistics problems for the ILC, a project called “Cryomodule Global Transfer” will kick off next year. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , ,

From CNRS: Joint French-Japanese laboratory in Tokyo for physics at the largest and smallest scales

19 April 2021 From neutrinos to dark matter, and from particle accelerators to gravitational wave detectors and the first light of the Universe: the ILANCE laboratory, bringing together the CNRS and the University of Tokyo, will conduct physics research at the very smallest and largest scales of our Universe.

Laboratories and industry in tune for particle physics detector R&D in Europe

| 19 April 2021 10 million euros. This will be the amount granted to members of the AIDAinnova project funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme. As particle physics requires highly-specialised detection equipment, often on an industrial scale, this project will be strongly marked by the collaboration between industry and academic institutions. Coordinated by CERN, it will explore advancement and innovation for particle physics detectors, including those proposed for the ILC. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

New organisation in Tohoku, the ILC’s potential host region

| 26 February 2021 Making the Tohoku area a welcoming place for the ILC and those who will live there – that is the goal of the newly established Tohoku ILC Project Development Center. It comprises 22 academic and local organisations in the north east of Japan. Atsuto Suzuki, president of the Iwate Prefectural University and former director general of KEK chairs the organisation.  Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

Japanese high-energy physics community accelerates ILC effort with new organisation

| 31 January 2021 Since last October a new panel mandated by the Japan Association of High Energy Physicists will lead the Japanese community by developing and executing ILC promotion strategies targeted to a very wide audience, within Japan and abroad, in view of a timely realisation of the ILC project. Their first report is now available online in Japanese and English. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,