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CALICE collaboration is connected

5 June 2008 Even if you don't want to step through new control room's swish sliding doors, you can have a look inside DESY's new feature because of its doors made of glass: it is a medium-sized room with some technical interior and an ILC colour scheme. There are two computer working stations, each with four monitors and a small conference table; on a big screen you see the pictures from three webcams; and three clocks hang on the wall, showing the local times of DESY/CERN in Hamburg/Geneva, Fermilab near Chicago and KEK near Tokyo. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

From Particle physics receives boost from $5 million gift to University of Chicago

29 May 2008 The University of Chicago announced today that it has received a $5 million gift to be directed toward the development of future programs in particle physics. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

From Fermilab Today: Students report on the importance, design of proposed linear collider

22 May 2008 To teach 35 eighth-graders about particle physics, Batavia Rotolo Middle School teachers Macy Felter and Elizabeth Selander had them study the ILC, the proposed next-generation particle accelerator. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

Kamisama no Puzzle – Accelerator goes Japanese movie

| 15 May 2008 Accelerators have featured in some movies, Terminator 3, for example. But people outside of the physics world did not notice much. In this summer, cult director Takashi Miike will make the accelerator quite visible in his newest film "Kamisama no Puzzle" (God's Puzzle). Miike, who allegedly influenced Quentin Tarantino, is best known for his grotesque horror films including Ichi the Killer, Audition, Gozu, and One Missed Call. This time, fortunately, it is not his usual line; the movie is a sci-fi romantic comedy based on a prize-winning, bestselling novel by Shinji Kimoto. The story is about twin brothers, one a physics student and the other an aimless self-proclaimed rock musician. The latter agrees to attend physics class for his brother and is obliged to team up with a 17-year-old girl genius to unlock the secrets of the universe and to create one of their own, using an accelerator. Category: Around the World | Tagged:

Spin doctors

| 8 May 2008 Theorists and experimentalists aren't always of the same opinion. There is one thing on which opinions aren't polarised though, and that is polarisation. Polarisation is a special characteristic of a particle bunch – a sort of measure of the particles’ combined spin – that, when studied in the right sort of detector at the ILC, is supposed to give clues and answers on phenomena like the Higgs, supersymmetry or searches for new physics and extra dimensions. To study the collisions, and also to understand polarisation better, a few groups of a total of about 30 people around the world are designing and building polarimeters that measure the degree of polsarisation of the particles before and after collisions. They have just had their first 'collaboration' meeting at DESY in Zeuthen, near Berlin, Germany. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , , , ,

From Fermilab Today: Fermilab reaches milestone with successful cavity test

24 April 2008 A successful test of a dressed 3.9 GHz superconducting radiofrequency cavity last week put Fermilab among an elite group that can produce cutting-edge, high-powered accelerator components. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , ,

It’s ladies’ night

24 April 2008 In Japan, several attempts are being made to bring accelerator science, such as the open house at KEK, a summer school for high school students, lectures in high schools and middle schools, science cafés, and so on. Among them, there is also the "Accelerator's Night" series at a bar (read more). The latest one was held on 14 April and called "Accelerator Ladies' Night", produced by members of the ILC fan-club in a bar in Tokyo near Shin-Okubo station, an area famous for its Korean-style barbecue restaurants. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

Learning to accelerate

| 10 April 2008 When your day job means measuring the F2 structure function of the proton or hunting for the Higgs boson, you don't usually stop and wonder how exactly the ingredients of your events reached their collision point. Some 30 junior researchers have just learnt to do just this: at the recent 'Terascale Accelerator School', the first of its kind organised in Germany and a project of the Helmholtz Alliance, physics students turned into nuts-and-bolts accelerator experts for a week. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , ,

From SLAC Today: symmetry Magazine launches new online format

3 April 2008 The latest issue of symmetry launches the next phase of the magazine's development. Our readers now use the magazine in different ways, and we are reaching a much larger audience. While readers are outspoken in wanting to keep the print magazine, many of them are now more comfortable reading online. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

Polishing the safety standards

| 27 March 2008 Superconducting cavities are the core, the heartbeat of the International Linear Collider. Their inside will be polished to literally make them sparkle without any speck of dust or crack because these could cause a decline of performance of the accelerator. There are several methods to polish the inside of the cavities, and electropolishing (EP) is one of them. The new EP system at KEK has started its test-run in January, and scientists are gathering basic data to evaluate the machine's capability. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,