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Cosmic Dark Matter and the ILC

| 8 November 2007 A couple of weeks ago, Michael Peskin (SLAC) opened the ALCPG07 meeting at Fermilab with a visionary talk titled, "The Physics Landscape: Now and Tomorrow." Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Critical decisions

| 1 November 2007 Last week was an eventful week. The ALCPG07 and GDE meetings at Fermilab, attended by over 300 scientists and engineers, marked the completion of the ILC Reference Design Report and the beginning of the engineering design activities. The joint plenary session on the first day of the meeting featured a presentation (video and slides) by Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Under Secretary for Science at the Department of Energy. He made a number of key points. He noted the importance of our recently released RDR in planning the future course of the ILC. He commented on the need to formalise the international ILC partnerships between interested governments. He issued a directive to proceed with the US funded ILC R&D through the DOE Critical Decision process. He stated the need for the Global Design Effort to take into account the constraints of obtaining government funding in our schedules for the ILC. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

Project Managers’ World Tour

| 25 October 2007 I am currently waiting to get on a plane to fly to the Fermilab Global Design Effort meeting, where we will finally say goodbye to the Reference Design phase, and formally begin the new Engineering Design (ED) phase for the ILC. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

Frosting on the cake

| 18 October 2007 Today we mark the conclusion of the Reference Design Report phase of the International Linear Collider Global Design Effort with the release of our document, The International Linear Collider: Gateway to the Quantum Universe. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

Unified versus plug compatible designs

| 11 October 2007 We are now making the transition from completing the International Linear Collider reference design to beginning the engineering design phase by holding a set of kick-off meetings to cover the major areas of the machine. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

New detector leadership for the ILC

| 4 October 2007 We are dedicating this special issue of ILC NewsLine to the appointment of the new ILC Research Director, Sakue Yamada of KEK Laboratory and the University of Tokyo. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

ILC Americas Regional Team progress report

| 27 September 2007 One of the principle goals of the Americas R&D programme reflects on the dominant role of superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) technology in the ILC design (and cost). Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Project X at Fermilab

| 20 September 2007 These days it seems that the questions I am asked most frequently are not about what gradient we will achieve for the ILC, not who will be the ILC Research Director, the next SLAC Director or the CERN Director General. Instead, I receive both genuine and rhetorical questions about Fermilab's proposed Project X. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Towards organising the ILC engineering design effort

| 13 September 2007 In order to have the strength and organisation we need to carry out an ILC engineering design over the next three years, the GDE Executive Committee has been carefully considering how to reorganise our efforts following completion of the Reference Design Report. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged:

The Reference Design Report is now official

| 6 September 2007 We released a draft version of the ILC Reference Design Report last February. Since that time, the accelerator section has undergone reviews by the ILCSC Machine Advisory Committee and by a special international panel for our cost estimates and future plans. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,
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