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The IDT’s Physics and Detector Working Group after Snowmass

| 17 November 2022 The International Development Team has a new member: Jenny List from DESY has taken over the leadership of the Physics and Detector Working Group. In her first Corner, she describes the changing future collider landscape and calls for a readjustment of the priorities and the role of the Physics and Detector community. State-of-the-art technologies and excellent software are essential for any future project, but a sharpened physics case for a Higgs factory is just as essential, she says. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , ,

New tasks for the International Development Team

| 17 August 2022 If things had gone according to plan, the ILC would now be in its Pre-lab phase and the mandate for the International Development Team (IDT) concluded. But situation changes and plans need to be adjusted. Over the next year, IDT will strengthen efforts for advances in technology and preparation through a new network of laboratories around the world. Additionally, a newly formed group of experts will discuss intensively how a truly global accelerator project should be realised and seek a dialog with government authorities.

ILC expert panel review: hosting is not the problem, says Shoji Asai

| 22 March 2022 The recent recommendations to Japan’s science ministry MEXT on the ILC by an expert panel caused worry and confusion in the ILC community. Some even thought it was the project’s death sentence. Shoji Asai, chair of ILC-Japan, a new promoting body for the International Linear Collider project, explains the report and KEK’s reaction to it. He took part in the expert panel to explain. He says it’s not as bad as it may seem, because we can forward some technical parts of ILC, and it tries to move the discussions of the cost-sharing. But researchers need to work together and do their part to make it happen. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

All eyes on ICFA

| 8 February 2022 Almost one and half year has passed since the ILC International development Team was formed with the aim to prepare the ILC Preparatory Laboratory. In the coming months, we will explore and develop ideas for the Pre-lab implementation to provide information necessary for the ICFA discussion.

Snowmass is rebooting

| 26 November 2021 Now is the time to get involved in the strategic process that determines the future of particle physics in the US: Snowmass. “Have your say in the future of the field”, writes Andy Lankford, for example by contributing to the white paper or attending the central meeting. It is an opportunity to show the breadth of scientific possibilities the ILC has in store.

Unite behind the ILC now

| 27 July 2021 Asian countries are highly engaged internationally and Asian scientists continue to be at the forefront of international science. With the ILC, the International Linear Collider, Asia has the opportunity to host the most significant global collider in the coming decades.

ILC Preparatory Laboratory proposal released

| 1 June 2021 After ten months of work, the ILC International Development Team, mandated to prepare the ILC Preparatory Laboratory, is reaching the first milestone with the release of a proposal which outlines the organisational framework, an implementation model and work plan of the Pre-lab. Many scientists contributed to this effort, showing the great interest of the community in the ILC project. A signal from the Japanese government towards indicating its interest in hosting the ILC and supporting the Pre-lab would now be required for gaining stronger engagement of interested laboratories around the world. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , ,

LCWS2021- the community focuses on an ILC Pre-Lab as the next step

| 19 April 2021 LCWS2021 highlighted the large and increasing international community and efforts pursuing a future linear collider, and the community is now very focused on an ILC Pre-Lab as the immediate next step towards an operational Higgs-factory by 2035. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

ILC Pre-Lab preparation on the accelerator

| 26 February 2021 Let’s talk cavities and cryomodules! Accelerator Director Shin Michizono brings us up to date with the latest developments on the ILC machine as well as plans and tests for the next phase, leading to the next big milestone, the Engineering Design Report. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

Promising reports from Japan

| 31 January 2021 Over the last 15 years, Japanese support for the realisation of the International Linear Collider has grown. People of all stripes —academics, members of industry, artists and everyday science fans—have banded together to voice their support for the building the ILC in Japan. The latest in this wave of support is the formation of a new committee, which recently reported on an impressive set of efforts to promote the ILC, says Andy Lankford, regional representative for the Americas in the International Development Team IDT. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,