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Shoji Asai goes science festival: ILC lecture and workshop with young science fans at Science Agora 2023

| 27 November 2023 On 19 November, Shoji Asai, Spokesperson for ILC-Japan, together with Shunki Sugai, a popular Japanese science communicator on YouTube, presented a lecture and workshop for young science enthusiasts at "the Science Agora," Japan's one of the biggest science festival held in Tokyo. A group of 24 participants, ranging in age from 10 to college seniors, attended the workshop with an audience of about 150 people. The archived footage of the event has already been viewed over 13,000 times in one day.

Lyn Evans in conversation with Peter Higgs

4 July 2022 The discovery of the Higgs was announced exactly ten years ago and we're very proud to present some exclusive content to you: two giants of the Higgs particle discovery in conversation about initially refused papers, why Peter Higgs ended up in theoretical physics rather than in engineering, and more.

ILC and you

8 February 2022 Don't ask what the ILC can do for you... because you know already that it's set to deliver collisions that might hold the answer to some of the most pressing questions in particle physics. However, there are things you can do that might help the project on the way. Watch the recording of the communication session where communicating scientists and science communicators met during last year's ILCX meeting.

US government views of the ILC at Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders

24 December 2020 An important element of the AWLC2020 programme was the three talks by three US government representatives

Fermilab Colloquium on the status of the ILC

30 May 2019 KEK Director General Masanori Yamauchi talks about the status of ILC in Japan at the colloquium held at Fermilab on 24 April. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , , ,

ICFA briefing on future prospects of the ILC: the video

14 March 2019 On 7 March, the chairs of the Linear Collider Board and the International Committee for Future Accelerators, Tatsuya Nakada and Geoffrey Taylor, as well as KEK DG Masanori Yamauchi, met national Japanese and international media for a press briefing on Japan's view on the future of the ILC. Watch the recorded press briefing. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , , , , , ,

Endorsing the ILC “in the strongest way”

1 March 2018 “We have our hands around the mechanism that creates mass in nature but we need the tools to study it.” Barry Barish adds his voice to the #mylinearcollider video campaign, endorses the ILC "in the strongest way." Barish led the Global Design Effort for the ILC before he returned to LIGO and was awarded the Nobel Prize for the detection of gravitational waves. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , ,

Let them collide!

| 16 February 2017 This animation, created by Rey.Hori, shows what happens when electrons and positrons collide in the ILD detector, one of the planned detectors for the future ILC. Many collisions will happen at the same time around the clock, producing a vast array of possible processes, or events. This animation shows the example of one possible collision event involving the Higgs boson. Here’s a guide to what happens in the clip.

Construction completed: ILC in Roppongi

| 3 November 2016 Did you know that the ILC has already been built? Neatly nestled into the lush hills of the Kitakami region it produces collisions... of art and science. We're talking about a 15-metre mockup that's part of the biggest art event in Tokyo in one of the trendiest places in town. Watch it being made in the video.

New results on the search for gravitational waves – the video

| 3 March 2016 You cannot possibly have missed that gravitational waves have recently been discovered by the LIGO-VIRGO scientific collaborations. But in case you missed the talk at CERN explaining it, you can watch it here. See also "A dream comes true" from the last issue of LC NewsLine, a personal view of the discovery by Barry Barish. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , ,