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Videos of the ILC Tokyo Event available on YouTube

23 July 2015 Let's look back for the last Linear Collider conference held in Japan in Spring. Videos of the Tokyo Event are now available on TouTube! Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , ,

ILC Science Club kick off

9 July 2015 From 1 June 2015, Japanese cable TV, Tokyo Cable Network (TCN) started to broadcast the new program "ILC Science Kids club." The program is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

Steven Weinberg and Gerard ‘t Hooft join #mylinearcollider

11 June 2015 Gerard 't Hooft and Steven Weinberg speak in favour of the expected precision results a linear collider would bring, joining the #mylinearcollider video campaign from their offices in the Netherlands and at the University of Texas. They point out the benefits the project would bring not only to the host, but to the world of science and humanity in general, and Weinberg advocates Japan as the host site for the project. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , , , ,

Researchers and nobel laureates support the ILC

14 May 2015 Nobel laureates Toshihide Maskawa, Masatoshi Koshiba, David Gross and Burton Richter join the #mylinearcollider campaign. Plus as a little bonus a compilation of some of the videos collected during the campaign so far. Can you find yourself? Category: Video of the week | Tagged: ,

Einstein’s E=mc2 explained in 2 minutes

| 2 April 2015 110 years ago, Albert Einstein published four historical papers... and a very famous equation.For this special birthday, Symmetry Magazine succeded to explain, in a very simple way, how E=mc2, an equation "used" everyday in particle accelerators, has radically changed our way of doing physics. Watch the animation and read also Symmetry Magazine's related article. Category: Video of the week | Tagged:

The ILC is a fantastic accelerator, Nobel says

| 19 March 2015 Professor David Gross speaks in strong support for the International Linear Collider, a "fantastic new accelerator". He says that for the exploation of the properties of the Higgs‬, the promise of new particles, forces and a new understanding the ILC is one of "the most exciting prospects." He says the he "applauds the Japanese government and Japanese colleagues for leading the effort to host the ILC in Japan, and I trust and hope that the international community will join this effort." David Gross was awarded the ‪NobelPrize‬ in Physics in 2004 along with Frank Wilczek and David Politzer. He is a theoretical physicist at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara. Category: Video of the week | Tagged:

Altogether now: ILC! #mylinearcollider

| 5 March 2015 This video of support for the ILC was recorded during the latest project meeting of ATF2 which took place from 24 to 26 February 2015 at LAPP laboratory in Annecy, France. Your message really makes difference. Participate in the #mylinearcollider video campaign, and ask your colleagues and friends to join, too! Category: Video of the week | Tagged: , , , ,


5 February 2015 504 videos and counting: the #mylinearcollider campaign has reached its first big milestone. A big thanks to everybody who stood up in front of cameras or microphones and told the world why they support the linear collider. See all videos on the #mylinearcollider playlist and keep them coming... Category: Video of the week | Tagged:

The ILC blues

| 8 January 2015 This week we're pleased to present you a rather original message submitted on our Youtube channel to support the ILC project. Featuring P. Q. Hung, Professor of Physics, with the participation of Duong Quoc Dat, Graduate student, both from the University of Virginia, US. You too can contribute (even if you don't sing!) by participating in the #mylinearcollider video campaign. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: ,

Why we need the ILC now #mylinearcollider

| 11 December 2014 This week we're featuring one of the 435 videos posted on the ILC Youtube channel to support the ILC project. Hasan Padamsee is a physicist at Fermilab, USA. Watch him explain why he thinks whe should build the ILC now! You too can contribute by participating in the #mylinearcollider video campaign. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: ,