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Polarimeter on the electron stretcher

| 2 July 2009 Most collaborations who test their detector prototypes in a test beam want a well-defined stream of single particles into their setup so that they can test their equipment, alignment and software in order to cross-check it against the particle beam. Others want their setup bombarded to see whether it works – for example, the team around DESY's Jenny List, who design and build so-called polarimeters that measure the combined spin of the beams of electrons and positrons as they pass through before and after they have collided. (Read the info box for a more detailed description of a polarimeter or follow the link to learn more about polarisation.) Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

Spin doctors

| 8 May 2008 Theorists and experimentalists aren't always of the same opinion. There is one thing on which opinions aren't polarised though, and that is polarisation. Polarisation is a special characteristic of a particle bunch – a sort of measure of the particles’ combined spin – that, when studied in the right sort of detector at the ILC, is supposed to give clues and answers on phenomena like the Higgs, supersymmetry or searches for new physics and extra dimensions. To study the collisions, and also to understand polarisation better, a few groups of a total of about 30 people around the world are designing and building polarimeters that measure the degree of polsarisation of the particles before and after collisions. They have just had their first 'collaboration' meeting at DESY in Zeuthen, near Berlin, Germany. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , , , ,