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Diet Members in Japan promote the ILC project under new structure

| 26 June 2023 In a resolution handed over to Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology and its Minister of State for Science and Technology, the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC stress the importance of international cooperation for a global science endeavour ILC, a reliable budget and progress in accelerator technology. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

Message from politicians in response to Science Council of Japan’s final report

21 December 2018 Two political groups, the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC and the Liaison Committee for Realizing the ILC, released a joint message in response to the SCJ's final report, reaffirming their commitment to push forward the ILC in Japan and to persuade the Japanese government to make a positive decision by March next year. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,

Towards global political support

| 5 March 2015 Who are the counterparts to the Japanese Federation of Diet members in support of the ILC? What are the timescales for other future collider projects like FCC and the muon collider? LCC Deputy Director Hitoshi Murayama says the physics community should stay focused, consistent, and strategically uniform if it wants to convince decision makers to support the ILC. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

US and Japan discuss cooperation in advanced science and technology

2 May 2013 It's suit and tie time when high-level US and Japanese science planners meet. At the US-Japan Advanced Science and Technology Symposium, held on 30 April in Washington DC, leaders from government, academia and industry met to discuss US-Japan cooperation in science and technology, using the ILC as an example. Learn more in the next issue of LC NewsLine. On the left is a Daniel B. Poneman, Deputy Secretary of Energy, and on the right Takeo Kawamura, Member of the Lower House and Chair of the Federation of Diet members in support of the ILC. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: , , ,

Japanese diet members focus on ATF2

| 21 March 2013 Twelve members of the Japanese Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of the ILC visited KEK on 4 and 18 March. They spent the longest time at ATF, KEK's test facility for the linear collider. They also toured KEKB, Belle, and the Photon Factory. Category: Image of the week | Tagged: , ,

Federation beyond policy difference

| 7 August 2008 A day before Japanese cabinet reshuffling, Diet members and other senior government officials took time out from their busy schedule to attend the inaugural meeting of newly formed "Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of ILC" with a group with representatives from all political parties in Japan: Liberal Democratic party (LDP), Democratic party of Japan (DPJ), New Komeito (NK), Social Democratic Party (SDP), The People's New Party (PNP), and Japanese Communist Party (JCP). The federation's letter of intent describes its aim the promotion of the ILC project recognising that particle physics, as a research field with no ethnical, national or ideological borders, is the essential part of the nation's basic science research strategy. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

Japanese Diet Members started a workshop on ILC

15 February 2007 On June 15 last year, the Japanese "Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of ILC" was formed (See NewsLine from 22 June 2006). The Diet members of the federation held a workshop with ILC researchers on 22 January 2007 in Nagatacho near Tokyo. Nobel laureate Masatoshi Koshiba and Professor Kazuo Nishimura (Kyoto University), who is a famous economist and author of the book "University students who cannot calculate fraction numbers", gave a lecture to the Diet members. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,