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Building and Testing a String of Cryomodules – a Task for S2

| 27 July 2006 An ambitious and crucial goal of the ILC R&D programme is to build and test a string of superconducting RF cryomodules that operate at or near the design gradient. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

Demonstrating the ILC Accelerating Gradient

| 6 July 2006 The centerpiece of the ILC concept is the superconducting RF technology that will be used to accelerate electrons and positrons in the main linac. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , , , ,

Electron Accelerator R&D for the Energy Frontier

| 20 April 2006 In the context of actively preparing for future electron accelerators and colliders, there will be a two and a half day meeting at LAL, Orsay starting on 15 May. Three European-funded projects (CARE/ELAN, EUROTeV and Euroleap) will meet to review their present activities and to discuss the future. Category: Feature | Tagged: