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Construction of Fermilab’s ILC Test Area moves forward

16 August 2007 As ILC research and development efforts ramp up around the world, Fermilab is preparing to make an important contribution. Engineers and technicians at the lab’s new ILC Test Area (ILCTA) have worked hard all summer creating a state-of-the-art cryomodule test facility, and the infrastructure is almost complete. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

Progress Made on ILC Test Area at Fermilab

| 12 January 2006 At Fermilab, the last year was a busy one for the team that gutted out the New Muon and Meson buildings, preparing them to be test areas for the ILC and Proton Driver. Formerly known as the Superconducting Module and Test Facility (SMTF), the renovated space is now called the ILC Test Area (ILCTA -Meson Detector Building and ILCTA-New Muon). At one of Fermilab's weekly All Experimenters' Meetings in November, Paul Czarapata provided an update on the facility. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,