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From Fermilab Today: Fermilab welcomes CALICE to Test Beam facility

8 May 2008 One of Fermilab's most distinct buildings now has a new resident. Last month, members of the CALICE collaboration moved their calorimeters into the newly renovated Meson Test Beam Facility. They will test the calorimeters with low- and high-energy particle beams during the next two years. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,

From Fermilab Today: The final countdown: Meson Facility set for ILC Test Beam

25 January 2007 At the opening session of the ILC Test Beam Workshop on Wednesday, participants learned how the upgraded Meson Test Beam Facility will keep pace with the high-precision measurements required by the proposed ILC. The upgraded facility is set to be commissioned next week. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,