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SiD freezes its global parameters

16 October 2008 The third SiD Workshop this year, hosted from 17 to 19 September by the University of Colorado at Boulder, marked an important milestone on SiD's way to the Letter of Intent (LOI): the collaboration froze its detector’s global parameters. The meeting was opened by Barry Barish, who reminded everyone that the "science remains the key to ultimate success" of the ILC programme and that detector development was critical. Given the difficult times for ILC funding both for accelerators and detectors, the meeting included updates on the current funding situation worldwide and on the status in France, Japan, the UK and the US. SiD additionally invited two guest speakers, Howard Nicholson from the US Department of Energy Office of High Energy Physics and Marvin Goldberg from the National Science Foundation, to give the audience an update of the US situation and the view from Washington. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,