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A conformal approach to cavity coating

| 28 April 2011 Argonne researchers are working to coat accelerator cavities with perfectly uniform atomic layers of niobium. The thin film technology could help slash production and operation costs in particle accelerator programmes while boosting accelerator performance. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , , ,

A new generation of undulator magnets

| 13 January 2011 Lately, scientific communities are in need of higher-energy light particles. To do this, scientists are extending the existing technology of undulator magnets, or undulators. The device uses magnets to wiggle a particle beam into giving up light, which can then be used for a whole host of scientific applications. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , , , , ,

Wei Gai leads positron source efforts for ILC

| 6 January 2011 Scientists at the ILC who deal in matters positively charged have a new go-to guy: Wei Gai. This month, Gai assumes the role of the ILC's Positron Technical Area Group Leader (Positron TAGL). He takes over the position from Jim Clarke at the Science & Technology Facilities Council/Daresbury Laboratory in the UK, who has given up the role because of the UK's changing programme priorities. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,

You say you want more resolution…

| 4 November 2010 Scientists led by a group at Argonne National Laboratory are bringing pictures of hadronic showers into sharper focus with the Digital Hadron Calorimeter, or DHCAL, one of several hadron calorimeter options for the ILC detector. The Argonne group began testing the device last month at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,