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SLAC P2 Marx ramps up reliability

| 15 March 2012 The newest incarnation of the SLAC P2 Marx modulator is designed to be more versatile and robust than its predecessor. Having prepped it for reliability, scientists will soon put the modulator's mettle to the test. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , ,

From SLAC Today: New Modulator Prototype Put to the Test

25 June 2009 Yesterday, a team of physicists and engineers from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory completed initial testing on a new power source, the Marx modulator, connected to its target device, and launched a yearlong test. This test will be the final step in proving the reliability of a device poised to transform the way particle accelerators are powered. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

From SLAC Today: Marx Modulator Begins Testing in End Station B

4 December 2008 This week SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory moves one step closer to producing an innovative new piece of the International Linear Collider. The first-generation model of a new design for equipment that helps power the accelerator is moving from the SLAC Power Conversion Department to End Station B, where it will undergo long-term testing. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

ILC Baseline Alternative: The Marx Modulator

| 1 March 2007 The release of the ILC Reference Design was a very important milestone. Yet, we have emphasised that it is really a snapshot of the ILC design. -- By Barry Barish & Ray Larsen Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , ,

From SLAC Today: ILC’s Marx Modulator

1 February 2007 The current design for the International Linear Collider (ILC) requires 576, 10-megawatt klystron tubes to supply microwave power along its 40 km linear accelerator. Each ILC klystron tube needs 120,000 volt, 140-ampere pulses, fired at a rate of five pulses per second. Each pulse delivers a total energy of more than 23 kilojoules—the kinetic energy of a 20 millimeter cannon shell. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,