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And the winner is…Italy!

| 18 April 2013 Italy takes top honours among strong competition in the 2012 Global Particle Physics Photowalk. In September 2012, hundreds of amateur and professional photographers had the rare opportunity to explore and photograph accelerators and detectors at particle physics laboratories around the world. The photograph of Nino Bruno, a building contractor in L'Aquila, picturing a tunnel connecting the underground halls of INFN's Gran Sasso National Laboratory garnered the most online votes and a panel of international judges awarded the top prize to Joseph Paul Boccio's detailed photograph of the KLOE detector at INFN's Frascati National Laboratory. Read the press release View top thirty-nine photographs from the Photowalk Category: Image of the week | Tagged: , , ,

From symmetry breaking: Particle Physics Photowalk Exhibits Open Around the Globe

| 17 February 2011 Sure, particle physics machines are highly functional beasts, but their visual allure also becomes clear in the photographs from the first Global Particle Physics Photowalk, soon to be on exhibit around the world. Learn more about the photowalk. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,

From interactions: DESY and TRIUMF take home top prizes from the first Global Particle Physics Photowalk

14 October 2010 A sunburst image of a particle detector at Germany's DESY laboratory and a black-and-white photograph of a nuclear-physics experiment at TRIUMF in Canada have won the top prizes in the first-ever Global Particle Physics Photowalk. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

Working through the weekend at the ATF

| 30 September 2010 On 27 September, the Japan's local winners of the first Global Particle Photo Walk were announced. This Photowalk was held at five particle physics laboratories in the world on 7 August (see Feature Story this week). The winning photo taken by Yuki Hayashi features scientists working at the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) at KEK. But they are not Japanese scientists. They are three of the nine French scientists and engineers who were visiting the ATF from the end of July to install and test their four-mirror optical cavity. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , ,

Five labs through 200 lenses

| 30 September 2010 A woman kneels, almost devoutly, in front of a piece of beam pipe. One man is lying flat on his belly, squinting along the underside of a long step illuminated by blue warning lights. Another sits cross-legged opposite a barrel wheel of a particle detector and studies its forms. A new meditation class for particle physicists? No - just the world’s first global particle physics photo walk. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

From World’s particle physics labs take amateur photographers behind the scenes

8 July 2010 Picture this: For the first time, amateur photographers around the world collide with the past, present and future of particle physics. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,