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Cost Estimating the ILC Reference Design

| 4 January 2007 One of the most important goals of the ILC Reference Design is to understand enough about costs to provide a reliable indication of the projects scale and as importantly, to provide information and tools that will help guide the engineering design phase. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

The Evolving ILC Design: Centralising the Injectors

| 21 December 2006 I report today on another design change that has resulted from our ongoing cost to performance optimisation studies, which we are carrying out before finalising the ILC reference design. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Cost Optimisation of Wigglers for the ILC Damping Rings

| 14 December 2006 One of the key technical components of the ILC damping rings is the wiggler magnet, a device consisting essentially of a series of dipole magnets of alternating polarity. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Parameters for the Linear Collider – An Update

| 7 December 2006 As we explore the possible trade-offs to make the ILC Reference Design as cost effective as possible, we have needed sharper definitions for some of the stated parameters, making us consider alternatives. -- By Barry Barish Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

FALC — Whats in the Name

| 30 November 2006 I attended a meeting hosted by KEK Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan on 19 November of the Funding Agencies for Large Colliders (FALC), previously known as Funding Agencies for the Linear Collider. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

The Japanese Strategy of High-Energy Physics: Full Support for the ILC

| 22 November 2006 A community-wide consensus is inevitable to promote a big project like the International Linear Collider, otherwise the project will not be supported by other science disciplines and governments. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

The Evolving ILC Design: Lowering Detectors from the Surface

| 16 November 2006 On 2 November, right before the very successful GDE meeting that has just concluded in Valencia, Spain, we officially made another important change to the ILC baseline design. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

GDE and WWS meet at Valencia

| 9 November 2006 On Tuesday a momentous meeting for the future of the ILC began in Valencia. Under cloudy skies and occasional rain, the ILC family has gathered for one of its tri-annual joint meetings, reviewing progress and the status following the Vancouver meeting last July. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Worldwide Peer Reviews for ILC Detector R&D

| 2 November 2006 Reaching the science goals for the ILC will require that both the collider performance and the capabilities of the detectors be consistent with the parameters set out by the ILCSC parameters group. For the ILC detectors, this will require improvements in both spatial and energy resolution. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

ILC-Americas Regional Team Looks to the Future

| 26 October 2006 Over the past year, in addition to contributing to the ILC Reference Design Report, the ILC-Americas regional team, ART, has focused on programme planning for the next few years. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,
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