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The path forward

| 10 January 2008 Category: Director's Update | Tagged: , , , ,

Towards organising the ILC engineering design effort

| 13 September 2007 In order to have the strength and organisation we need to carry out an ILC engineering design over the next three years, the GDE Executive Committee has been carefully considering how to reorganise our efforts following completion of the Reference Design Report. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged:

The ILC Engineering Design Phase

| 30 August 2007 In August 2007, the Global Design Effort for the International Linear Collider published a Reference Design Report that contains a description of the design of the linear collider and a 'value' cost estimate. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged:

Troika proposed to manage ILC engineering design

| 24 May 2007 There are just too many separate tasks involved for a single manager to oversee the effort and therefore we are proposing to literally borrow the famous Russian symbolism of a "Troika," and create a Project Office consisting of three project managers: Marc Ross (Fermilab), Nick Walker (DESY) and Akira Yamamoto (KEK). This team will have both shared and separate responsibilities, and Marc Ross will serve as the initial chair of the group. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

The role of industries during the ILC engineering design phase

| 19 April 2007 To strengthen our efforts for the ILC engineering design phase, we intend to increase our focus on industrialisation. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , ,

Organising the GDE for the ILC engineering design phase

| 12 April 2007 The next big milestone for the GDE is to develop an engineering design and document it in an Engineering Design Report (EDR). Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,