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The first joint ILC and CLIC workshop, IWLC10 in Geneva

| 28 October 2010 This year, the International Workshop on Linear Colliders (IWLC2010), organised by the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA), was noteworthy in that it was the first joint workshop for both ILC and CLIC... Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Geneva part 2

| 28 October 2010 As the first in a planned series of workshops, the International Workshop on Linear Colliders had many accomplished missions on the agenda. The ILC, for example, has passed its self-imposed fifty percent mark: half of the nine-cell superconducting radiofrequency cavities produced in the world now reach the desired gradient. The Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) has shown that it can generate a high-intensity drive beam by beam manipulation. And both linear collider communities have demonstrated that they get mutual benefit from working together on common issues and meeting once a year to discuss them in plenary. Category: Feature | Tagged:

Live from Geneva

21 October 2010 For the first time in a meeting of this scope, this year’s International Workshop on Linear Colliders in Geneva, Switzerland, brings together researchers from both of the world's major linear collider projects: the International Linear Collider and the Compact Linear Collider. Organised by the European Committee for Future Accelerators, the conference is held at CERN and at the International Conference Centre in Geneva. Scientists discuss the status of the two machines and the physics they could uncover. Break-out sessions allow scientists to exchange ideas related to accelerator and detector technologies. Our photo album shows some impressions from the first days. Category: Feature, Slideshow | Tagged: ,

IWLC2010: International Workshop on Linear Colliders 2010

| 16 September 2010 This week I want to preview the coming ECFA-CLIC-ILC joint meeting that will be held from 18 October through 22 October 2010 at CERN and the International Conference Centre Geneva, Switzerland. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,