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Live from Geneva

21 October 2010 For the first time in a meeting of this scope, this year’s International Workshop on Linear Colliders in Geneva, Switzerland, brings together researchers from both of the world's major linear collider projects: the International Linear Collider and the Compact Linear Collider. Organised by the European Committee for Future Accelerators, the conference is held at CERN and at the International Conference Centre in Geneva. Scientists discuss the status of the two machines and the physics they could uncover. Break-out sessions allow scientists to exchange ideas related to accelerator and detector technologies. Our photo album shows some impressions from the first days. Category: Feature, Slideshow | Tagged: ,

Impressions from Beijing

1 April 2010 On 30 March, the Beijing meeting ended on a high note. Nearly 300 participants, together with local and scientific organising committees, worked hard to make this meeting a success while at the same time, in Geneva, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) opened a new page in particle physics history. “It's a day of celebration,” concluded Jon Bagger, Chair of the International Linear Collider Steering Committee, “the day where we start lighting the Terascale.” The ILC will build on LHC discoveries, and to make this project a reality the whole ILC community gathered in Beijing. There were deep discussions between the accelerator and the physics and detectors experts of a level that has never happened before in such a global meeting. All use each others' feedback during the workshop to draw up what will be their plans for the next two years, when in 2012 they deliver the Technical Design Report (for the machine) and the Detailed Baseline Design of the detectors reports. A lot of reviews, R&D and studies are still to be done but participants now leave Beijing with clear ideas on what path to follow to achieve them. Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: , ,

Impressions from TILC09

23 April 2009 Big international meetings always mean a lot of preparation for many people — not only for the local organisers like the team who smoothly and perfectly hosted the 200+-participant meeting held in Tsukuba, Japan, until Tuesday this week. Participants have to prepare for these meetings as well. The TILC09 workshop was particularly intense for the whole community: half of the participants had just passed a phase of night-long writing and editing sessions for the Letters of Intent (LOI) for the ILC detector concepts, while the other half spent weeks preparing for an internal review of the accelerator held all of last week. The accelerator review report will be published in the coming weeks and detector concept validation will be presented this autumn. See the photo album for a few impressions. Photos: Nobu Toge, Perrine Royole-Degieux Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: ,

TILC08 beyond the agenda

| 13 March 2008 At the end of a productive working day, a long journey, a hard job or a rewarding week, Japanese people have a very useful phrase that expresses everything from gratitude and pride to exhaustion: Otsukare sama deshita, or simply otsukare. Even though not all participants of last week's TILC08 meeting may be aware of the expression, all are almost certainly aware of the 'otsukare' feeling after several days of intense and rewarding parallel and plenary sessions, splinter meetings and social interaction. Here are some impressions from the meeting that did not make it onto the official agenda. Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: , , , ,

Ni Hao!

8 February 2007 More than two hundred scientists and engineers travelled around the globe this past week to attend the 2007 Beijing ILC Workshop at IHEP. The meeting kicked off with GDE Director Barry Barish releasing the draft Reference Design Report and preliminary cost estimate to the meeting attendees. With the publication of the reference design, scientists and engineers welcomed the start of the next phase of the ILC project Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: ,