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See you, summer students

| 8 September 2016 Summer is drawing to a close, and with it ends another season that often turns lab life on its head and has changed many people’s lives: summer student season. As the students from around the world finish off their projects, present their work to their fellow students and stock up on lab t-shirts, some leave with the certainty that they will return to do particle physics one day. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , , , , ,

Final curtain for EUDET

| 14 October 2010 After four plus one years of running time, a total budget of 21.5 million Euros, participating institutes from Helsinki to Valencia and from Novosibirsk to Glasgow and many research infrastructures successfully in place, the EU-funded infrastructure programme for ILC detector R&D EUDET comes to a close at the end of the year. Participants met for the very last EUDET meeting at DESY last week. But instead of self-congratulatory speeches and boasting summaries, most of the talks listed future plans and outlined future milestones beyond the scope of EUDET. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

A telescope road movie

| 10 June 2010 I don't usually start stories for ILC NewsLine with the word 'I'. This time I have to make an exception, because for a change I was not merely a spectator and communicator of science, but a facilitator (of sorts). One of the actors in something both very mundane and very exciting: transporting scientific equipment from one lab to another. On Sunday 30 May, the EUDET beam telescope was brought from DESY to CERN, and I was one of its (three) drivers. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

A user-friendly beam telescope for the ILC – Mission: possible

| 16 July 2009 Ingrid Gregor and her team will have a very busy summer. As a particle physicist, she coordinates a successful device for test beam infrastructures, the EUDET telescope, which is fully booked at CERN during the next four months. In her rare spare time, she also experiences the joys of blogging as she just joined the team of the ILC Quantum Diarists. Category: Feature | Tagged: , ,

Mapping a magnet

| 26 July 2007 Three pairs of eyes cast one last look around the room. Have all scissors, ladders, metallic tables been removed? No pins or pens lying around anymore? Once the team is sure that nothing is left in the area, they close the security doors and give the go-ahead – the magnet that has been to space can be charged for the first time since its arrival at its new home in the DESY test beam. Before its field of 1 Tesla can bend the tracks of particles in a EUDET detector prototype, however, the scientists have to map the field very precisely. And they don't want steel-capped boots flying into the coil. Category: Feature | Tagged: , , ,

EUDET’s Telescope

| 28 June 2007 Those scientists who develop detectors know a few magic words. Test beam is one, chip is one, DAQ is one. Telescope is another – and a prototype of one of these detector R&D ‘wands’ has just been tested in DESY’s 6-GeV electron beam as part of EUDET’s ‘Joint Research Activity 1’. EUDET is a Europe-funded and Europe-wide project for detector R&D, and one of its core activities is to test beam infrastructures – which include the telescope. It was also the first real test beam since the start of this EUDET activity. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

EUDET Kicks Off

2 March 2006 Approximately 100 participants met at DESY on 15-17 February for two and a half days of intense discussions at the EUDET Kick-Off meeting. EUDET is a European Integrated Infrastructure Initiative aiming at the improvement and development of infrastructures for ILC detector developments. Twenty-two participating institutes and 21 associated institutes join forces in a project with a budget of approximately 21.5 million Euros, of which the European Commission contributes 7 million Euros. The project started officially six weeks before the Kick-off meeting on 1 January 2006 and will run for four years. The Kick-off meeting was the first opportunity for the whole collaboration to come together and discuss future plans in detail. Category: Uncategorized | Tagged:

EUDET Kick-off Meeting

26 January 2006 The start of the European Union funded EUDET project is marked by a Kick-off Meeting at DESY on 15 to 17 February, 2006. The project assembles 31 European institutes and 20 international associates to prepare infrastructures to allow for ILC detector R&D with larger prototypes. Category: Around the World | Tagged: