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Light through the wall – take 2

| 15 September 2011 DESY’s ALPS experiment aims high by searching low, looking for lightweight particles in the low-energy range. The lightweight particles could clue us into the nature of dark matter or dark energy, and ALPS is being upgraded to make more precise measurements than it could before. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , ,

A new beginning – and no strings attached

| 23 June 2011 Winner of a Humboldt Professorship, Brian Foster has just taken up his work at DESY and University of Hamburg as a joint professor for experimental physics, focusing on accelerators for very high energies. He intends to spend the 5 million Euros for five years to the greatest effect, and the ILC will play a very strong part in his plans. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , , , , ,

From DESY inForm: Old hall – new detectors

12 November 2009 When you plan to move and try to find helpers, they often ask: to which floor? If the DESY people working in the detector lab would depend on the help of friends, they would have difficulties to find volunteers because the answer would be: seventh floor! Everything has to be transported from the ground floor to deep down underground. The HEP groups' detector lab moves from hall 5 to HERA hall west. In order to make room the electronics hut of the still present HERA-B detector was dismantled. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,