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The ILC in Osaka

| 3 April 2008 Last week, the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan was held on the Kinki University campus in Osaka, where I participated in a special symposium dedicated to the International Linear Collider. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

TILC08 beyond the agenda

| 13 March 2008 At the end of a productive working day, a long journey, a hard job or a rewarding week, Japanese people have a very useful phrase that expresses everything from gratitude and pride to exhaustion: Otsukare sama deshita, or simply otsukare. Even though not all participants of last week's TILC08 meeting may be aware of the expression, all are almost certainly aware of the 'otsukare' feeling after several days of intense and rewarding parallel and plenary sessions, splinter meetings and social interaction. Here are some impressions from the meeting that did not make it onto the official agenda. Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: , , , ,

The ILC Technical Design Phase begins at Sendai

| 13 March 2008 Last week the Global Design Effort held a major collaboration meeting at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan attended by more than 200 participants from both the ILC detector and accelerator efforts. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , ,

Science at Sendai

| 6 March 2008 The ILC community has gathered at Sendai in Japan this week for the joint Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA) Physics and Detector Workshop and Global Design Effort meeting. The opening session of the meeting was highlighted by a forward-looking science talk by Hitoshi Murayama. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Podcasting the ILC

| 29 November 2007 Blogs, Social Network Services, Podcasting, Social Bookmarks -- these types of social media have become influential sources of information. Some might say that they have as much influential power as the conventional media. Scientists working on the International Linear Collider are catching on too and realise that podcasting is another way to promote the proposed project to a non-scientific audience. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

New year – new office

| 29 November 2007 If you talk about next year, devils will laugh at you. This is a Japanese saying that corresponds to the English saying, "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." I do not want to be laughed at by the devil, but I would like to write about Building 2 at KEK. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

A night of wonder

| 26 July 2007 Men and women wearing gaudy dresses, looking for customers under garish neon signs – this is a common sight in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, a famous entertainment and red-light district in Tokyo, Japan. Walking down an alleyway that has countless bars and nightclubs, you will see a hand-written sign posted on the billboard of a shabby building that says, “The Accelerator’s Night 3.” Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

The role of big science for the next generation

| 21 June 2007 Humitaka Sato, a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, is one of the most respected theoretical physicists in Japan. He served as an advisor to the Japanese government for international projects such as the International Space Station (ISS) and International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). In addition to his highly technical work, he authored several books that invite broad audiences to explore the world of physics. Category: Feature | Tagged:

FJPPL Workshop: Building the bridge to the future basic science

| 14 June 2007 The particle physics world has long been exchanging researchers internationally. One of the reasons for this active exchange is particle physicists share a common interest in the universal questions: How did the universe begin? What are the origins of mass? In addition, as the scale of accelerator facilities grows larger, it becomes difficult for each country to build and maintain their number of accelerators that are each suited for different purposes. This reality pushes researchers to travel abroad, wherever the accelerators are available. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

‘Yara-maika’: Hamamatsu pulls the spirits of Japanese industry

| 7 June 2007 During the eighth workshop of the “Federation of Diet members to promote the realisation of ILC” held at Nagatacho, Tokyo on 26 April, there was a lecture that provided a good feeling of the “Yara-maika” spirit. Category: Around the World | Tagged:
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