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Physics at the Beijing Linear Collider Workshop

| 1 April 2010 [...] ILC physics is great, as long as the new particles are within range, enabling us to reconstruct theory based on data. What energy is enough? LHC will tell us, so look forward! We need to be ready once there is new physics. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , , , ,

Rethinking LHC-ILC connections

| 12 November 2009 The American Linear Collider Physics Group (ALCPG) workshop held in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 29 September to 3 October was one of our large ILC meetings that we hold twice a year... [P]erhaps the most important contribution was a talk given by Michael Peskin, SLAC, with the intriguing title, "Rethinking the LHC - ILC Connection." Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: ,

Physics and detectors at TILC09

| 19 March 2009 There will be a joint ACFA Physics and Detector Workshop and GDE Meeting 17 to 21 April. (...) In this note, let us focus on the physics and detector part of the workshop... Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: , , ,

Higgs makes for exotic couples

9 October 2008 Much of the history of particle physics has been devoted almost exclusively to finding out what our bodies are made of. We first learned about protons and electrons and neutrons because they constitute the matter that makes up our bodies, and we learned of photons (light) because it interacts with our bodies when we see. Up and down quarks are the constituents of protons and neutrons, and they are held together by gluons, carriers of the strong force. Neutrons turn into protons through the weak force. Thus, everything we study has a close connection to our physical bodies. Even exotic particles, such as charm quarks or tau leptons are merely nearly exact copies of particles that make up our bodies: only their masses are different. Category: Feature | Tagged: ,

ILC physics subgroup meeting at KEK

26 June 2008 On May 31 we had a meeting of our ILC physics subgroup, which is a mixture of experimentalists and theorists working in Japan. The meeting was the fifth in a series that started about a year ago, and each time 20 to 30 people got together to monitor and discuss the direction of the subgroup’s activities. The primary task of the subgroup is to reexamine the ILC physics in the context of the expected LHC results and to further strengthen the physics case for the ILC project. Category: Around the World | Tagged: ,

Science at Sendai

| 6 March 2008 The ILC community has gathered at Sendai in Japan this week for the joint Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA) Physics and Detector Workshop and Global Design Effort meeting. The opening session of the meeting was highlighted by a forward-looking science talk by Hitoshi Murayama. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

Cosmic Dark Matter and the ILC

| 8 November 2007 A couple of weeks ago, Michael Peskin (SLAC) opened the ALCPG07 meeting at Fermilab with a visionary talk titled, "The Physics Landscape: Now and Tomorrow." Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

From SLAC Today: ILC Physics: The Analysis Has Already Begun

15 February 2007 For the proposed International Linear Collider, physicists are trying to both design the most precise calorimeter ever and still be able to afford it. A calorimeter measures the energy of particles in a detector, and is typically the single most expensive part. If you reduce its performance slightly to reduce costs, how much have you sacrificed? Category: Feature | Tagged: