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They want the ILC! #mylinearcollider

| 26 November 2014 The particle physics group at IFIC in Valencia, Spain, shares its enthusiam for the ILC. You too can contribute by participating in the #mylinearcollider video campaign. Category: Video of the week | Tagged: ,

Voice your dream for the ILC!

| 30 October 2014 The ILC may be the first science project in the world that gets approval by video message. But only if there are enough of them, says LCC Director Lyn Evans. Everybody is invited to share his and her enthusiasm for the project. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , ,

#mylinearcollider: keep them coming

16 October 2014 The #mylinearcollider campaign continues and the communicators are recording and receiving many various video messages, all in support of the linear collider. Watch a few videos if you need inspiration and, if you think that a video message is a bit too much, why not take a picture of yourself? Category: Video of the week | Tagged:

Take part in the #mylinearcollider campaign!

| 2 October 2014 The Linear Collider collaboration has launched the video message campaign #mylinearcollider to visualise the support for the ILC from scientists around the world. Tell us why you want the ILC! Category: Around the World | Tagged:
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