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Magic or physics? – Special talk show at this year’s TILC

4 June 2009 TILC09 in Tsukuba, Japan, took place on Japanese Invention Day observed annually on 18 April, and the week in itself was designated as Science and Technology Week. Naturally, in Tsukuba, the population of research institutions is unparalleled in the country, and it becomes most festive during that week once a year. There were various events held throughout the nation during the week of 13 April, one of which was the TILC09's public lecture, "The universe's greatest magic!? – Antimatter annihilation" featuring a close-up magician, Tomohiro Maeda, Hitoshi Murayama of the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) and Takeo Higuchi of KEK. Category: Around the World | Tagged: , , ,

Impressions from TILC09

23 April 2009 Big international meetings always mean a lot of preparation for many people — not only for the local organisers like the team who smoothly and perfectly hosted the 200+-participant meeting held in Tsukuba, Japan, until Tuesday this week. Participants have to prepare for these meetings as well. The TILC09 workshop was particularly intense for the whole community: half of the participants had just passed a phase of night-long writing and editing sessions for the Letters of Intent (LOI) for the ILC detector concepts, while the other half spent weeks preparing for an internal review of the accelerator held all of last week. The accelerator review report will be published in the coming weeks and detector concept validation will be presented this autumn. See the photo album for a few impressions. Photos: Nobu Toge, Perrine Royole-Degieux Category: Around the World, Slideshow | Tagged: ,

Physics and detectors at TILC09

| 19 March 2009 There will be a joint ACFA Physics and Detector Workshop and GDE Meeting 17 to 21 April. (...) In this note, let us focus on the physics and detector part of the workshop... Category: Research Director's Report | Tagged: , , ,

TILC09 will have some special features

| 19 February 2009 TILC09 will be held in Tsukuba, Japan, from 17 to 21 April 2009: We will once again share a venue for the Global Design Effort meeting with an ILC physics and detector workshop. These joint meetings help bring us all together as a single community. Category: Director's Corner | Tagged: , , ,

Announcement: TILC09 will be held in Tsukuba next April

18 December 2008 April is the best time to visit Japan – nice and warm weather, cherry blossoms and lively atmosphere of starting a new fiscal year – and of course, TILC09! A worldwide meeting of physicists on the ILC accelerator, experiments and theory to further the ILC's Technical Design Phase. Category: Feature | Tagged: